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ADT alarm point is: Advanced Defence Trigger point.

Question 1: What is the point of your alarm system?
Answer: To deter intruders by making a lot of noise as early as possible.

Question 2: What is the Trigger point of your alarm system?
Answer: The Trigger point of a home security system is the location in or around the building where the intruder is detected and the alarm activated.

Yesterday, i asked a new customer why he had chosen us to supply his new wireless burglar alarm system.

We had just installed the HKC Quantum wireless alarm system into his home in Solihull, which had recently been burgled.

He said that the other two quotes that he’d had for the job had both designed an alarm system for him where the primary form of detection was internal movement detection using passive infra red (PIR) sensors. Where the alarm isn’t triggered until AFTER the burglar gets in.

We designed a wireless burglar alarm system for him which also included PIR sensors but where at the most vulnerable points in his property which are the doors and windows at the downstairs rear of his house, he now has shock detectors fitted. These shock detectors are fitted to the door and window frames, they scan the frame for vibration and set off the alarm BEFORE the intruder gets in.

So his ADT alarm points are at the perimeter of the property rather that inside it…BIG DIFFERENCE







Question 3: Would you prefer your alarm system to go off BEFORE or AFTER the burglar gets into your home ?

Answer: For most people, the answer of course is “BEFORE” but it is surprising how many of our own potential customers, when they come to us even after having quotes, risk assessments and a system designed by other alarm firms, still aren’t aware of ADT Alarm Defence Trigger points and that just by adding a few carefully positioned wireless shock sensors, an intruder alarm system can protect the property a whole lot better.