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Here in the West Midlands, there has been a 17% fall in police numbers per 1,000 residents since 2010, you may be surprised to hear that we have (on average) just 3.9 police officers per 1,000 people. Could this be partially responsible for the fact that the West Midlands has a proportionately high rate of domestic burglary compared to other areas of the UK?

Midland Alarm Services offers Quantum Premium Protection

Midland Alarm Services Ltd

It isn’t just the West Midlands either, the Office for National Statistics tells us that in Warwickshire alone, there were 4,236 burglaries in the last year, a 14% rise from 2016. Police numbers falling, burglaries rising, that’s no coincidence.

Some statistics tell us that the numbers of police are actually rising, and whilst there is a ring of truth to that, what they don’t tell you is that this increase is mainly made up from Police Community Support Officers; Warwickshire has exactly double the amount of PCSO’s as it does PC’s.

With burglaries on the increase, we need to look at protecting our own property, and whilst a conventional alarm system is a good deterrent for the opportunistic thief, these systems all have an inherent fault; Burglar Bill has to be inside your home for it to work.

Once inside, it’s difficult for anyone to detect just why your alarm is disrupting their day, and 87% of people hearing an alarm all do the same thing; ignore it.

Surely there must be a better way?

The Better Way

We believe that no-one will monitor your home better than you. At best, a neighbour may call you to tell you that your alarm is going off, at worst, they’ll ignore it. Most third-party Alarm Receiving Centres will call the keyholder, maybe the police if the pattern fits what they deem to be an actual break-in, but that still doesn’t put you in control of the situation.

Did someone break-in? Was it a false alarm? How long will it take to confirm either way? Should you call the police?

In times of distress, control is everything.

The Quantum Premium home security system from Midland Alarm Services is the better way.

Combined Outputs

A quick internet search will list hundreds of companies offering you an alarm system, you may even find that some will upsell a CCTV system at the same time, but these systems are disjointed with no integration and no single point of access for the two systems.

Current technology allows us to be so much smarter. Smart tech touches nearly every aspect of our lives, and yet the one area (home security) that should be making the most of it, doesn’t. At least not until now.

The Quantum Premium puts smart technology right in the palm of your hand, but in such a way that you don’t need to be a teenager to understand it.

Our system combines two of our best sellers; the HKC Quantum alarm system, and our very own full HD (High Definition) 1080p CCTV system (with night vision and vari-focal lenses), but the hardware is only half the story.

Smart Technology Means Smart Home Security

alarm technology with smartphone integration

Quantum Premium with Smartphone Integration

Integration of the two systems is the clever part, not only does that allow us to make controlling the system even easier, but it also means that we can utilise further technology to make life for Burglar Bill even more uncomfortable.

The instant that your alarm is triggered, you’ll receive a push notification to your smartphone along with a text message. This message will give you details of which sensor has been triggered and any further detector activations – in other words, the path that Burglar Bill is taking.

It’s at this point that the technology really takes over. Once triggered, the system automatically sends you image verification, and gives you video feed from thirty seconds before the incident, along with continued recording and live feed.

These video feeds can be saved to your device or sent via email or text, all through the intelligent app.

The system can have as many detection points, PIR/Cam or external cameras as you’d like, and includes shock detectors that are fitted to all external doors and windows, meaning that entrance to the property doesn’t have to be gained for the alarm to go off; giving the message to any would-be thief that your property is secure.

Quantum Premium Package

The Quantum Premium package includes:

  • Control Panel
  • Keypad
  • Outdoor Bell Box
  • Internal Sounder
  • Door Contact & Timer
  • PIR Movement Sensors
  • PIR Detectors with Built-In Cameras
  • HD External Video Cameras
  • Perimeter Detection
  • Wi-Fi Connection and SIM Backup
  • Full Service Plan with Remote Support*

* Remote system support, servicing, free site visit every three years to replace all batteries, all with no contract (which means no hidden cancellation fees and you can cancel at any time).

Just 9% of people that have been burgled recover some of their possessions, we believe that the Quantum Premium is your best chance of not being part of that statistic.

Like to find out what peace of mind feels like? Get in touch with one of our friendly professionals and let them guide you through the details. We promise no upselling, gimmicks or hard sells.