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If you are buying a new Bovis home in the Central Region, you can order from us a Proffesional home security system and save 20% VAT if it is installed before you move in… The Standard alarm system which is fitted in the development show home is the award winning Wireless HKC Quantum home security system. The installed price is £550 and includes:
  • HKC Quantum control panel usually fitted in a central location.
  • Easy to use keypad onboard the control panel.
  • Bell box with siren, strobe light to the front elevation.
  • Door contact on the front entrance door.
  • Passive infra red (PIR) movement sensors in the Lounge & Kitchen.
This specification is generic, and a risk assesment of most homes will usually highlight a need for additional devices, such as:
  • Shock sensors to external Patio & Utility room doors.
  • Garage movement detector.
  • Communicator in the control panel to alert mobile phones and provide remote control of your system.
  • Wireless keyfobs.
Because the system is Wireless, it is flexible and scaleable. You could just order the “Standard” system for £550 and add to it once you’ve moved in and worked out what you need. Most people find it useful to have a 10 minute conversation with us prior to placing an order, so that we can help you to design a system that will suit your requirements.

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