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Boosting Home Security for Elderly Parents

For many of us with elderly parents, ensuring their safety and security is a top priority for many families. As our loved ones age, they often become more vulnerable to accidents, falls, and other emergencies such as break-ins. Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to boost home security and provide peace of mind for both you and your elderly parents.

Of course we may be biassed, but one of the most effective ways to enhance home security is by investing in a reliable alarm system, and specifically one with remote monitoring capabilities which allows you as the concerned son or daughter to keep a close eye on your elderly parents home security from anywhere.

In addition to alarm systems, there are several other ways you can monitor and support your elderly parents, even if you're not able to be with them physically. Here are some tips on how to monitor and assist your elderly parents remotely:

What Technology Can I Set Up To Ensure My Elderly Parents Safety?

1. Internal Cameras: There are a huge range of cameras on the market that are inexpensive to buy and easy to install. These devices like pet cams or nanny cams  allow you to see what's happening in and around your parents' home at any time. Often they just need plugging in, connecting to wifi and they link straight to an app so that you can check in to check all is well with them as and when you want to.

2. Medical Alert Systems: Medical alert systems such as Fall Safe Bracelets are designed specifically for seniors and individuals with medical conditions who may require immediate assistance in an emergency. These systems typically consist of a wearable pendant or bracelet with a button that, when pressed, sends a signal to a monitoring centre. The monitoring centre can then dispatch help to your parents' location, whether it's medical assistance or simply someone to check on them.

3. Alarm Systems & CCTV: If your elderly parents live alone and you want to display to potential intruders that their home is protected, having a visible alarm system and even CCTV cameras are a good idea. Visible alarms make you up to 75% less likely to be targeted for a burglary and CCTV systems can provide peace of mind as you can check feeds regularly if you suspect any unwanted activity around their home. 

And of course…

Regular Check-Ins: Regular communication is essential for staying connected with your elderly parents and monitoring their wellbeing. Set aside time each day or week for a phone call or video chat to catch up and check in on how they're doing. This not only provides an opportunity to ensure they're safe and well but also allows you to maintain a strong emotional connection and offer support from afar.

Now, moving on from home security a little, let’s take a look at other ways that you can be of assistance to your elderly parents if you don’t live nearby. 

How Can You Help Elderly Parents Remotely?

1. Arrange for Support Services: In addition to technological solutions, it's essential to ensure that your parents have access to the support services they need to maintain their independence and quality of life. This could include arranging for home help or personal care services to assist with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care. Meal delivery services can also help ensure that your parents are eating nutritious meals regularly, even if they have difficulty cooking for themselves.

2. Medication Management: Managing medications can be challenging for elderly individuals, especially if they have multiple prescriptions to take. Consider using medication management apps or services to help your parents keep track of their medication schedule and ensure they are taking the right doses at the right times. Some apps can send reminders when it's time to take medication and provide information about potential interactions or side effects.

3. Emergency Planning: It's essential to have a plan in place for dealing with emergencies, such as medical emergencies or natural disasters such as flooding. Work with your parents to develop an emergency plan that includes contact information for neighbours, family members, and emergency services. Make sure your parents know what to do and who to contact in different types of emergencies, and ensure that they have essential supplies on hand, such as medications, food, water, and a torch.

How to Choose the Right Security System for an Elderly Parent?

When choosing a security system for your elderly parent, there are several factors to consider:

1. Reliability: The reliability of the system is paramount, especially in emergency situations where every second counts. Choose a system that is known for its reliability and offers remote monitoring so that if any suspicious activity happens, you are notified instantly and can take action quickly! At Midland Alarm Services, we have over 30 years experience and use the best, most robust alarm systems on the market to make sure our customers are never let down.

2. Ease of Use: The system should be easy for your parent to use, with simple interfaces and clear instructions. Consider factors such as the user interface for smartphone apps or control panels. Ideally, the system should require minimal setup and maintenance to reduce the risk of confusion or frustration for your parent. 

3. Features: Consider the features offered by different systems and how they align with your parent's needs. Here are some of the key features our systems offer which are extremely beneficial for those looking to bolster their elderly parent’s home security:

  • Remote monitoring - Our SecureComm app allows multiple users meaning that you could install it on your parent’s device as well as your own. They could use it to set and unset their alarm system, whether they’re out and about or in bed and don’t want to go to their keypad to set their system. You can use it to make sure their alarm system is set and to be notified if their alarm is triggered!

  • Perimeter Protection - If your parent spends a lot of their time inside, you want them to be able to have their alarm set at all times so they can roam around inside but have the perimeter of their home secure. We place shock sensors on their vulnerable entry points such as windows and doors so that if one of these sensors detected a disturbance, the alarm would sound and you would be notified instantly to your app. 

  • PIR Camera sensors: Camera sensors are activated when the alarm is set and that zone detects motion. If this occurs, the camera takes a series of images and sends it straight to your phone providing you with image verification. This can lead to a much faster police response time. 

If you’re looking to get your elderly parents set up with a robust home security system that proves both them and you with peace of mind then please get in touch for a free, no obligation quote.

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