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Why we use HKC

Ease of Use

HKC Panels & Keypads are voice enunciated so all messages and activations are audibly notified in addition to them being displayed on the Keypad LCD Display screen. Our panels offer options of complete wireless or hybrid solution to suit the customer’s requirements.


The HKC App has revolutionised monitoring for alarm users. A number of communication options are available to enable remote monitoring using the SecureComm Cloud solution and HKC App. Using the App it is possible to set/unset the system remotely, check log activity and interact with the system as if you were at the keypad. Using the HKC PIR Camera pictures can be sent to your smartphone in the event of activation. All notifications and alerts are both audible announced as well as text display.

User Alerts

Utilising the App the user can be aware of such things as the status of your system, i.e. who is at home, if your child has not come home at a predetermined time, or what detector has activated.


Life Safety

A full range of life safety devices are available, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors can be easily installed in key locations. In the event of detection the panel/keypad will annunciate the alarm using on board voice library and immediately sound ALL life safety devices installed. This is particularly important with poisonous gases that cannot be detected by smell or sight.

Portable Panic Device

The RF Key Fob allows the user to set/unset the system from outside the premises. The device can be set to operate with a secure pin user code to prevent unauthorized use. The FOB has an on board panic alert button which will activate the system when pressed.

Intrusion Devices

There are a range of intrusion devices available that detect attempted or actual intrusion (see opposite page). Devices typically fall into two categories – perimeter and trap. Perimeter devices such as a Contact or Contact Sensor detect an attempted forced entry on a door or window or the breaking of a window. A Motion Sensor / Motion Sensor with Camera will detect the presence of an intruder internally.

The New World of Monitoring

The HKC App and SecureComm Cloud have changed how home and business owners manage and monitor their security systems today. The App, designed by our in-house research & development team, gives peace of mind and complete control from any location.

The App is available for all smart phone operating platforms (Apple, Android, and Microsoft) and downloadable from the relevant App Store. It is extremely easy to use and will allow alarm users to carry out multiple functions from any location including setting, un-setting, checking log activity as well as managing alarms and alerts.

The HKC Quantum 70 Wireless Control Box

Our SW-1070 Control Panel

Perimeter Protection:

This type of protection comprises a mixture of devices to secure the perimeter of the protected premises. Contacts can be fitted to external doors to detect the opening of the door. Contact Shock Sensors are a combination of a contact and an inertia (vibration) sensor and can be fitted to windows / patio doors to detect forced entry, glass breakage and also the opening of a door or window. The obvious advantage of this type of protection is that detection is normally signalled before an intruder enters the protected premises as opposed to Trap protection (see below) which will only activate when intruders trigger motion sensors when they are on the premises. The Contact Shock Sensor can detect someone trying to pry open a door or window as it measures vibration around where the device is fitted. A key advantage to Perimeter Protection is that the system can be fully armed while you are inside the premises thereby giving you complete peace of mind.

Trap Protection:

This type of protection comprises Motion (PIR or PIR Camera) sensors within the protected premises to detect movement while the system is armed. This type of protection is ideal for a premises that is unoccupied for periods of time e.g. holiday home, small commercial premises. HKC have Pet Lens inserts for applications where there are animals in the house.


This method combines both perimeter and trap. In this solution the perimeter is protected by a mix of Contact and Contact Sensors covering all vulnerable doors and windows. Internally, strategically located motion sensors will detect and confirm intrusion. The Panel will allow the user to part set while in the premises and have peace of mind knowing that the perimeter is secure. Once the system is fully armed all internal motion sensors will become fully active. This is usually used when the premises is vacant.

What Detector?

  • Contact Sensor Detects the opening of door /Window.
  • Contact / Shock Detects forced opening /glass breaking.
  • Motion Sensor Detects movement.
  • PIR Camera Detects movement and sends picture to App.
  • Smoke Detector Detects & sounds when smoke is detected.
  • Heat Detector Detects & sounds when heat is detected.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detects & sounds when carbon monoxide is detected. The alert is audibly enunciated of at the Control Panel.
  • Panic Button In the event of duress, when pressed alarm activates.
  • Proximity Tag Used to Arm / Disarm system.
  • Key Fob Used to Arm / Disarm system and can also act as Panic Button.
  • Siren (Internal Sounds & flashes in the event& External) of activation.