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Alarm Servicing

- Do you need to get your alarm serviced?

- What’s included in an alarm service?

- Is there a better more ‘current’ way of servicing alarms? 

Let us break it down for you…

Servicing and Preventative Maintenance 

For over three decades, Midland Alarm Services has emphasised the paramount importance of regular system checks. Much like a car requires periodic inspections for optimal performance, so does your alarm system. A diligently serviced alarm doesn’t just ensure smooth operation; it can also be a determinant in home insurance claims. In fact, many insurance companies may deem a claim invalid if the alarm system isn't set when your house is unoccupied or if it hasn’t undergone its annual service.

What Our Annual Service Covers

Comprehensive checks on all detectors, ensuring they operate flawlessly

Verification that both internal and external sounders are functioning

Assessment of the system's back-up battery health

And, for your peace of mind and ours, once we've serviced the system,

we provide a 12-month warranty that covers both parts and labour. If an issue arises, you can trust us to rectify it promptly


How much does a service cost?


£120 +VAT. You can pay either by cash, card or bank transfer.


How long does a service take?


Between 15 minutes to an hour depending on whether or not we need to change any batteries.

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Battery Replacement

All alarm systems, including wired alarms require batteries. The main system back-up battery is designed to keep the system running in the event of a power outage and should (if fully charged) have enough power last for 12 hours. 

However, after about 3 years, these batteries can start to falter. Thus, we advise a

proactive replacement every three years. Additionally, for hybrid systems or purely wireless setups, the smaller lithium batteries powering individual detectors also have a life span of roughly 3 to 5 years. Coinciding their replacement with our servicing schedule ensures your system always remains vigilant.

Full Service Plan: The Future of Servicing

The digital era has progressed so much of how we protect our customer’s homes and has 

revolutionised the way we approach alarm system servicing. With our

Full Service Plan, powered by HKC's SecureComm technology, not only

can homeowners control and receive alerts on their mobile devices, but

we can now remotely monitor, diagnose, and often address most service


residential homes in warwickshire

Here's what the Full Service Plan offers:

  • Automated bi-annual remote servicing through SecureComm, (these system reports actually far exceed the information available at conventional on-site visits).

  • Ongoing warranty so you're always covered.

  • We handle all of the battery issues! - Every 3 years we will contact you to arrange an on-site visit to replace all system batteries.

Our ‘Full Service Plan’ is only available to customers with an HKC Alarm System so check out our Upgrades or Wireless Alarm Systems pages for more information on these fantastic systems. 


For full information on SecureComm our Remote Monitoring App you can check that out here. 

SecureComm Pricing...


HKC SecureComm App Access: Control your alarm system anytime, anywhere.

Real-time Alerts: Immediate sequential notifications on any detector activity. 

Image Verification: With PIR/Cam detectors, get real-time imaging of any disturbances sent straight to your device. 

Remote Support: We monitor, diagnose, and often resolve issues without the need for physical intervention, including firmware updates.

From £12.95 /month 


All features of the Mobile Monitoring Plan, PLUS:


Triennial Battery Replacement: We handle the hassle of battery changes every three years. 

Extended Warranty: Enjoy a 3-year comprehensive coverage. 

Priority Call-outs: When you need us, we prioritise your calls. 

Total Coverage: Experience true peace of mind knowing every aspect of your alarm system is looked after.

From £21.95 /month 



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Very professional service undertaken. Highly recommended. You cannot cut corners on security. Get it done properly by Midland Alarms."

Kevin Murden

Bridge Town, Stratford-upon-Avon

Very helpful, polite, and friendly service. Chose this company because of the external sensors available for extra security.”

Mrs Maxwell

Park Hill, Kenilworth

“Wonderful service from all the team.  Installer, Kev, was extremely helpful, taking time to explain everything as he went along.  Nothing was too much trouble, thank you so much.”

Deborah Borgeat

 Stoke Park, Coventry

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