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Wireless Alarm Systems

Strengthen Your Home Security with Midland Alarm Services

We supply & install the very best in wireless home security. Our wireless burglar alarm systems are designed to STOP the burglar BEFORE he gets into your home! AND you'll be notified instantly via our remote monitoring app.

You want your alarm system

to do these 3 things...

1. Provide a visible

According to several studies, your home is 60-75% safer with a visible bell box alone!


We provide you with a professional, LED flashing bell box fitted to the front of your property so that a potential intruder can see clearly that your home is protected.

Bell boxes also serve another important purpose - the noise of a loudly sounding alarm is often enough to scare the intruder away, making sure they don't have free reign on your property.


2. Stop the intruder BEFORE he gets in!

This is, in our opinion, THE most vital part of any home alarm system...

Perimeter protection is vital if you want to truly secure your home.  We fit shock sensors to your vulnerable entry points (such as windows and patio doors) that detect either direct impact or a build up of vibrations (such as someone trying to tamper with a lock).


This sensor being triggered will sound the alarm ensuring the burglar is stopped BEFORE they get into your home! 

3. Notify you instantly straight to your smartphone

Remote monitoring alarm system app by HKC

We know from 35+ years in the industry that NO ONE responds to your alarm going off faster that YOU will!

With our remote monitoring app, not only can you set & unset your alarm system from anywhere, but you will also receive instant notifications to your phone if your alarm is triggered.

Do not make the mistake of thinking a third party will protect your home better than you will!

Low monthly fees & NO CONTRACT!

MAS bellbox_edited_edited.png

What our wireless alarm system customers are saying...

Simon Wassall |  Warwick, Warwickshire

''I have been delighted with the friendly, professional and informative approach of all the people who I have come into contact with at Midland Alarm Services Limited.  From the initial enquiry to the installation of the new system today my experience of dealing with Steve the MD, his sales and then installation experts have been a real pleasure and I am very pleased with the new system fitted with its mobile App. I would have no hesitation in recommending this business to anyone.''
bell box on house

Wired vs Wireless

Many people can be a bit dubious about having a wireless alarm installed with concerns of their reliability compared to robust, wired alarm systems. 


However, in the early 2010's the battery technology and reliability of wireless systems developed vastly. In fact, they're now SO reliable that we now fit them for all of the major trusted house builders. 

We believe that for several reasons the pros of a wireless system now far outweigh the benefits of wired. The main reason being the variety of customisation options available to you.

With a wired alarm system, you're restricted to a very basic set up with a few PIR motion detectors and a bell box. With a wireless system however, we can offer our customers enhanced home security with Perimeter protection products, remote monitoring and much more.

Discover our offer of the month!

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PLUS one month FREE on our Remote Monitoring App!)

Thank you! We'll be in touch asap!

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Why HKC?

There are a few major brands of wireless alarms -  HKC, Visonic, Scantronic, Risco, Veritas - and over our 35 years in the industry we've tried them all!!

Undoubtedly, HKC come up top!

Not only on reliability & the quality of their products but most importantly for us, they are experts in PERIMETER PROTECTION! 

Another key advantage for us and our customers is the remote support and communication  via their SecureComm App. This app far outshines ANY of the competition (we have over 1000 happy customers who love that we can look after their system remotely). With far lower monthly subscription fees and no contracts, it's no wonder so many people are choosing remote monitoring over alternative methods.


Customisation options...

At Midland Alarm Services, we know every home is different which is why we offer bespoke wireless home security packages for all of our customers. When you request a quote, our security consultant (and retired Policeman) Mick will assess your home's needs and make recommendations on how to secure your home effectively within your budget. Here are a few of our key wireless alarm system products...

LED Bell Box

MAS bellbox_edited.png

A bell box on the front of your home acts as a visible deterrent to intruders, signalling that your home is protected.

In the event that the alarm is set off, it will sound with a loud siren and a flashing strobe light to draw attention.

PIR Camera Sensor

Camera detectors are usually placed in one or two main downstairs rooms of your home.

If the sensor is triggered when the alarm is set then Image Verification can be sent directly to your SecureComm app.*

Remote Keypad

We place touchscreen wireless remote keypads near to the front door to make setting/ unsetting your alarm more convenient.

The HKC keypad is easy to use as well as being neat and aesthetically pleasing to be on display. 

Mini Shock Sensor

Your first line of defense! These shock sensors are placed on your vulnerable entry points (like patio doors and windows). They detect vibration so are designed to stop the burglar BEFORE he gets into your home!

HKC have designed this product for both GROSS impact (forced entry) as well as PULSE detection (a build up of vibration - eg someone trying to tamper with a lock).

Door Contact Sensors

Another form of perimeter protection. Door and window contact sensors work when the magnetic contact between the two parts is broken (ie when a window or door is opened). We typically install these on your front door so that it will start a beeping noise and a timer before the alarm sounds fully, servign as a reminder to unset your system.

Remote Monitoring App

The thing that ties it all together...

Our remote monitoring app allows you to set/ unset your alarm from anywhere and get notified in real-time of any activity in your home. If you have one fitted, you will also receive image verification from your PIR camera if that zone is triggered when the alarm is set.

Proud to be the trusted new build installer for these reputable companies...


Recent local work installing Wireless Systems...

a wireless alarm system at Taylor Wimpey in Gresley Meadow.jpeg


A new install for a wireless alarm system over at the Taylor Wimpey estate in Gresley Meadow, Swadlincote today ready for the new homeowners when they move in.

wireless alarm at Cala Homes in Long Marston.jpeg

An install we did today at the Cala Homes development in Long Marston. Kitted out with a wireless alarm system. Making sure the house is protected and safe for the new owners.

charles church development in kenilworth. new alarm system install..jpg


This week we added a new wireless keypad for a customer in Leamington Spa.

No wires, no mess and no redecorating! 

wireless alarm system keypad fitted in leamington spa


This week we added a new wireless keypad for a customer in Leamington Spa.

No wires, no mess and no redecorating! 

charles church development in kenilworth. new alarm system install..jpg


We recently had another batch of new build houses kitted out with our wireless alarm systems at the Charles Church Kenilworth Gate development. Peace of mind provided instantly to new home owners when they step foot into their new home knowing their home security is taken care of. 

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