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Take Control Of Your Home Security with Modern Remote Monitoring

At Midland Alarm Services, we are committed to providing you with the

best alarm system solutions on the market. That’s why we believe in putting the power in your hands when it comes to monitoring your alarm system with our REMOTE MONITORING APP by SecureComm.

remote monitoring mobile app by midland alarm services and HKC SecureComm

The Evolution of Monitoring & Servicing:

Traditionally, alarm systems served a singular purpose: to deter opportunistic burglars by making noise. As technology advanced, dialler systems emerged, notifying homeowners via automated calls, and police-monitored systems were introduced.


However, these solutions often came at a steep price of around £30/month, making monitored security a luxury for many.

HKC SecureComm remote monitoring mobile home security app by Midland Alarm Services

The Game-Changing Era of Broadband & Smartphones:

Today's landscape is revolutionised. Modern connectivity empowers homeowners to effectively self-monitor their premises using smartphones.

But with technology's empowerment comes responsibility, and many find themselves unsupported post-installation.

At Midland Alarm Services, we stand apart. Our commitment is to provide you with systems like the HKC Quantum range that not only give you control but also peace of mind. These systems come with powerful remote support, diagnostics, and easy-to-use mobile interfaces.

Commitment to Service Excellence:

Regular maintenance ensures your system operates at peak performance. We recommend an annual service, and for wireless systems, a battery replacement every three years.

Mobile Monitoring Plans...


HKC SecureComm App Access: Control your alarm system anytime, anywhere.

Real-time Alerts: Immediate sequential notifications on any detector activity.

Image Verification: With PIR/Cam detectors, get real-time imaging of any disturbances sent straight to your device.

Remote Support: We monitor, diagnose, and often resolve issues without the need for physical intervention, including firmware updates.

From £12.95 /month 


All features of the Mobile Monitoring Plan, PLUS:

Triennial Battery Replacement: We handle the hassle of battery changes every three years.

Extended Warranty: Enjoy a 3-year comprehensive coverage.

Priority Call-outs: When you need us, we prioritise your calls.

Total Coverage: Experience true peace of mind knowing every aspect of your alarm system is looked after.

From £21.95 /month 

Stay in the know, stay in control, and rest assured with Midland Alarm Services' unmatched remote monitoring solutions.

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