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Perimeter Protection:
Your First Line of Defence with HKC

The Proactive Approach to Home Security

While traditional home security systems were often reactive, at Midland Alarm Services, we champion a more proactive stance: perimeter protection. By exclusively integrating HKC alarm systems, a trusted leader in the industry, we ensure your home's boundaries are robustly defended.

Understanding Perimeter Protection

Most alarm systems wait for an intruder to breach the home's interior. Perimeter protection, on the other hand, secures your property's boundaries. It's about preemptively detecting and countering potential threats, ensuring they never even reach your home's primary entrances.


HKC: The Gold Standard in Perimeter Security


Innovative Sensors: HKC's Door Contacts and Contact Shock Sensors don't just protect; they fortify. These cutting-edge sensors detect intrusion attempts at your home's most vulnerable points, alerting you immediately.


Aesthetic and Functional: Security should blend seamlessly into your home. The HKC miniature wireless magnetic shock sensor, available in white, brown, or grey, is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally brilliant. No need to compromise your home decor!


​​Dependable Performance: HKC ensures long-range and extended battery life. This ensures that your security is always active and alert.

Why Midland Alarm Services Trusts HKC

With decades of industry experience, we're always on the lookout for the best. That's why we've chosen HKC alarm systems. Our shared commitment to innovation and reliability means our customers benefit from the best the industry has to offer. Learn more about Why Midland Alarm Services choose HKC alarm systems.

HKC Touchscreen Keypad-White
HKC-Door Sensor White
HKC-PIR motion detector for alarm system
HKC-Camera Detector for alarm system
thief attempting a break in to patio doors of home with crowbar

Elevate Your Security with Midland Alarms and HKC

Don't wait for a breach. With our advanced perimeter protection offerings, ensure that threats are dealt with at the boundary, long before they pose any real risk. Discover the Midland Alarm Services difference today.

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