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Discover our CCTV Systems

Enhance your home security with our high-tech CCTV products. We supply and install a variety of products by Digital Direct Security  which have been our go-to CCTV supplier for many years due to their outstanding quality.

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Our Most Popular Home CCTV Setup:

          The 4 channel NVR recorder

          Between 1-4 cameras, often a combination of...

         - LightHunter (ideal for where there's ambient lighting eg front of the house)

         - Tri-Guard (has a built in security light ideal for darker areas such as driveways to act as a deterrent)

See below for full spec of each product...

Digital Direct supply a professional range of products called 'Uniview' which have been our top choice and extremely popular with our customers for many years. 

With 35 years in the industry, we have tried and tested the top 3 CCTV brands in the UK (Hikvision, Dahua and Uniview) over the years and have found Uniview to come out on top every time. 

The combination of the NVR 4 channel recorder paired with the LightHunter and Tri-Guard cameras are our go-to setup for residential properties.

We can also provide bespoke security setups for more complex cases such as long driveways, commerical properties etc.

Tri-guard cctv system guide.JPG

The Tri-Guard active deterrent uses IR at night but will activate a light upon detection of a human or vehicle changing the image to a colour one and alerting the intruder to its presence. The IR has a range of 30m and the active deterrent up to 10m.

Recent local work in Coventry...


We recently kitted out this beautiful new build home in Bidford On Avon, Warwickshire with an alarm system and then they brought us back shortly after for a CCTV system as well. We used a Lighthunter and a Tri-Guard camera on this property to give them extra security on their darker driveway. Comprehensive home security for full peace of mind

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