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Looking for a burglar alarm system in

Based just down the road from Banbury, we have been installing our top-of-the-market burglar alarm systems in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and surrounding areas for 35+ years both in households and for local businesses. 

There's one main difference between MAS & our competitors and that is -

we provide you with an alarm system that STOPS the burglar BEFORE he gets into your home! Not only that, but we make sure you get the fastest police response possible by notifying you instantly when your alarm is triggered. Because NO ONE will respond to YOUR alarm going off faster than YOU will! 


We have been installing our top-of-the-market burglar alarm systems in

Coventry and the surrounding areas for 35+ years both in

households and for local businesses, so you can rest assured we're a company you can trust with the security of your home.

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You want your alarm system

to do these 3 things...

Provide a visible

According to several studies, your home is 60-75% safer with a visible bell box alone!


We provide you with a professional, LED flashing bell box fitted to the front of your property so that a potential intruder can see clearly that your home is protected.

Bell boxes also serve another important purpose - the noise of a loudly sounding alarm is often enough to scare the intruder away, making sure they don't have free reign on your property.


Stop the intruder BEFORE he gets in!

This is, in our opinion, THE most vital part of any home alarm system...

Perimeter protection is vital if you want to truly secure your home.  We fit shock sensors to your vulnerable entry points (such as windows and patio doors) that detect either direct impact or a build up of vibrations (such as someone trying to tamper with a lock).


This sensor being triggered will sound the alarm ensuring the burglar is stopped BEFORE they get into your home! 

Give you full control & instant updates

Remote monitoring alarm system app by HKC

We know from 35+ years in the industry that NO ONE responds to your alarm going off faster that YOU will!

With our remote monitoring app, not only can you set & unset your alarm system from anywhere, but you will also receive instant notifications to your phone if your alarm is triggered.

Do not make the mistake of thinking a third party will protect your home better than you will!

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Discover the Midland Alarm Services difference...

Door handle of a home

Protect your home 24/7 with Midland Alarm Services

What our customers in Banbury are saying...

Liz Carr Archer |  Shotteswell, Banbury

''Great service. Micheal who did the original survey of the house and Kevin who fitted the system were both great. Thank you.''

Recent local work in Banbury...

new install alarm system in Banbury.jpeg


We upgraded an alarm system today in Banbury, replacing the bell box, keypad, and control panel while carefully inspecting internal motion detectors for optimal functionality.

New Led Flashing bell box in Daventry.jpeg


One of our recent 'Community Discount' upgrades in Daventry from this week fitted by Sharpie. We replaced the old tired-looking keypad with a touchscreen keypad, a new control panel and a new LED flashing bell box.

Sonos system and ceiling speakers at Hayfield Homes in Adderbury.jpeg


Today Kev finished off a fantastic three room Sonos system with independent controls in each room and flush the ceiling speakers over at Hayfield Homes in Adderbury.

new build home interior at hayfield manor in Adderbury, Banbury

We are proud to be the home alarm system installer for developer Hayfield Homes at their stunning Hayfield Manor development in Adderbury.

We kitted out the gorgeous £1.3 million show-home with our wireless HKC Quantum alarm system and a 3 room Sonos audio system. This will also be fitted as standard in all of their private homes on the site so the owners can move in with peace of mind that their home is protected.

Proud to be the trusted new build installer for these reputable companies...

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