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Smart Alarm Systems installed at the new Taylor Wimpey site in Keresley End, Coventry

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

nee build house showing visible LED bell box by midland alarm services

We recently fitted several smart alarm systems at the lovely Taylor Wimpey new build estate just off the Tamworth Road in Coventry. Our owner Steve's daughter Holly, along with her husband and 4 young children live on the estate so naturally we started by kitting them out.

We started with a visible deterrent to warn burglars off via an LED flashing bell box on the front of the house. Interesting fact - you are around 60% safer if you have a bell box visible on your property so please don't make the mistake of buying an alarm system without one! They are an essential bit of kit!

Next, we protected each of their vulnerable entry points with a contact door sensor to the front door, and shock sensors on downstairs windows and patio doors. This is what crucially STOPS the intruder BEFORE they get into your home!! This also enables you to part-set your alarm while you're in the house knowing that your perimeter is secured and a potential burglar will be scared off if they attempt a break in.

hands holding a smart phone with the HKC SecureComm remote monitoring app on screen

We also added PIR motion detectors and one PIR camera inside the house so that in the event of a break-in, not only would the alarm sound very loudly, but these link directly to our mobile app and provide instant and sequential verification so that you know exactly what has occurred and can use this information for a faster police response.

Finally, we got them set up with our HKC SecureComm app which is what enables our customers to receive these instant updates on their home's security in the event of a break in, but also day-to-day allows you to set and unset your alarm from wherever you are.

Unfortunately one of Holly's neighbours experienced an attempted break-in one evening which shook up many residents on the estate and prompted them to get in touch with us.

We were pleased to be able to get their home's secured very quickly and provide them with a community discount. We are happy to provide community discount packages to any residential community who would like to book our services around the same time. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like more information on how to take advantage of this offer in your area.


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