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HKC: Our Trusted, Cutting Edge Alarm System Provider for Unmatched Security

At Midland Alarm Services, we are committed to providing you with the

best alarm system solutions on the market. That’s why 7 years ago

we choose to partner with HKC, a trusted and reliable company


known for its superior products. After trying countless

competitors, we’ve found that HKC surpasses

them all in terms of technology,

reliability, and innovation.

Revolutionary Smart

Monitoring with the SecureComm App:

Experience a new way of monitoring your alarm system through the HKC SecureComm app. This advanced solution gives you complete control and remote access to your security system. With the SecureComm app, you can effortlessly…

Set / Unset your system

Receive User Alerts

(ideal for if you want to know if your child has arrived home at a predetermined time)

Check Log Activity

Get Notified in Real Time if Your Alarm is Triggered

…and interact with the system as if you were right at the keypad. It's a game-changer in the industry, offering convenience and peace of mind like never before. Check out the short video below which explains more...

Our Home Security Services

Discover a range of the products & services that we can provide for you...

What Kind Of Detectors Do We Recommend?

• In our opinion, the most valuable home security product on the market (that no one else is doing)!

• Secure the perimeter of your home with devices like Door Contacts and Contact Shock Sensors fitted to vulnerable entry points. These are what sound the alarm to stop the intruder BEFORE he enters your home!

• The Contact Shock Sensor can detect someone trying to pry open a door or window as it measures vibration around where the device is fitted.

• Enjoy full peace of mind with the system fully armed while you're inside the premises.

Motion Detection

• Utilise Motion (PIR or PIR Camera) sensors for detecting movement while the system is armed.

• Ideal for times when you're out an alarm is in 'full set' mode - receive image verification when that zone is triggered.

• HKC also have Pet Lens inserts for applications where there are animals in the house.


• Most of our customers now choose to combine perimeter protection and motion detection for enhanced security.

• Strategically place motion sensors for internal detection while perimeter devices secure doors and windows.

•REMINDER - it is the camera PIR sensor that will capture and send you image verification if a zone is triggered while your alarm is set.

What About Servicing?

'Do I need to get my alarm serviced regularly? Is that a service you provide?'


It is indeed - learn more about alarm servicing here!


Protect your home 24/7 with Midland Alarm Services

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