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Midland Alarm Services

complete security solutions

Protecting your home or business

Worried about the security of your home or business? At Midland Alarm Services we know that if you’ve ever had cause to be concerned about how secure your home or business is then you’ll need an alarm system that gives you more than just peace of mind. Over the past 30 years, we’ve dealt with many customers and the one thing we understand is the difference between an alarm system that will do the job and installing one that will protect your property in the way you need it to.

Protecting your home from intruders

Want home security that gives you peace of mind and more? Satisfy your insurance company with security systems that we know work!

Your home security is not just about peace of mind, although our systems certainly give you that. It’s also not just about satisfying your insurance company – our systems will do that too! It’s about knowing that should the worst happen and someone tries to enter your home without you knowing, your alarm system can help you do something about it. Yes – our latest alarm systems and service packages will also do this.

Protecting your business

Business owners like yourself work hard to build up your company. Sadly, all too often your success can make your company a target for people who aren’t interested in the law. Your rented business premises may already have some sort of security system which may satisfy the insurance company; however, your business could still be vulnerable. If your business has ever suffered from a criminal act you’ll know that despite cover this can be costly in time and money as well as in the impact on you, your staff and customers.

If you would like to get an expert opinion on how secure your property is contact us today for a confidential discussion. We can help protect your home or business and give you more than just peace of mind.

A New World of Monitoring

The HKC App allows complete control of your alarm system from remote locations.  The App is available for IOS, Android and Microsoft platforms and can be downloaded from the relevant App Store.


“I had my garage broken into and asked Steve if he could put a sensor in the garage. He came out on the same day and fitted the sensor. Really happy with the service. It has given me peace of mind. Thank you Steve.”

Area of Coverage

If you’re looking to install a security system or you’re thinking of upgrading your current system, why not call us for a friendly chat on 02476 403527?