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Understanding False Alarms: How to Minimise Unnecessary Police Call-Outs

In recent years, the surge in home security technology has undeniably bolstered safety measures for households. The advent of smartphones and broadband connectivity has revolutionised how homeowners oversee their premises, introducing newfound capabilities for self-monitoring and control.

However, alongside these technological strides comes an unintended consequence: false alarms. According to the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), an overwhelming 94-98% of alarm activations turn out to be false alarms. These incidents not only squander valuable resources but also diminish the responsiveness of authorities when genuine emergencies arise.

The Impact of False Alarms:

False alarms extend beyond mere inconvenience; they wield tangible repercussions. Police forces globally grapple with a multitude of alarm calls daily, consuming significant time and resources. In the UK alone, false alarms from security systems have annually cost police forces an estimated £7 million, diverting attention from real emergencies. [Source: Police and Security (PAS) Alliance]

These occurrences strain law enforcement and can tarnish the perception of alarm systems in communities. False alarms may incur fines, erode confidence in security measures, and, in extreme cases, lead to delayed responses to actual threats.

Understanding the triggers behind false alarms is pivotal to curbing their occurrence. Factors contributing to false alarms span user errors, environmental influences, and system malfunctions:

Common Causes of False Alarms:

User Error:

Misunderstanding how to operate the system, incorrect code inputs, or forgetting to deactivate alarms before entry can inadvertently trigger false activations.

Environmental Factors:

Pets, strong winds, moving curtains, or sudden temperature changes might spur motion sensors, resulting in false readings.

System Malfunctions:

Ageing equipment, faulty sensors, or inadequate maintenance can contribute to false alarms.

Statistics from security experts suggest that up to 80% of false alarms stem from user errors or equipment issues. [Source: British Security Industry Association (BSIA)]

In the landscape of combating false alarms, at Midland Alarm Services, our approach stands distinct. Our commitment extends beyond providing control; we aim to offer peace of mind. This commitment is reflected in systems like the HKC Quantum range, designed not only to grant control but also to integrate robust remote support, diagnostics, and user-friendly mobile interfaces.

One such tool that redefines the homeowner’s role in security is the HKC SecureComm App. It’s more than just an application; it’s a gateway to enhanced control, offering solutions to reduce false alarms and putting homeowners in command with remote capabilities.

Empowering Control with SecureComm:

In this era of broadband and smartphones, the SecureComm app becomes your security control centre. Here's how it revolutionises your security experience:

1. Real-time Alerts & Sequential Notifications

Immediate notifications are crucial, but receiving them sequentially provides context. SecureComm ensures you receive sequential notifications on any detector activity, empowering you with comprehensive insights into potential threats.

2. Image Verification for Enhanced Security

Imagine having eyes on your property even when you’re away. With PIR/Cam detectors, SecureComm offers real-time imaging of disturbances, instantly sent to your smartphone. This image verification capability helps differentiate genuine threats from false alarms. By seeing proof of an intruder in your home, you can respond quickly and oftentimes ensure a faster Police response with proof that it's not just a false alarm.

3. Remote Support & Diagnostics

At Midland Alarm Services, our commitment extends beyond installation. SecureComm allows remote monitoring, diagnosis, and often, issue resolution without physical intervention. Firmware updates and system maintenance are seamlessly handled, reducing false alarm triggers caused by system glitches.

4. Instant Response to False Alarms

False alarms can unsettle, but with SecureComm, swift action is at your fingertips. Should a false alarm occur, you have the power to reset it instantly from anywhere. This proactive control ensures peace of mind, knowing you’re in charge, no matter where you are. Worryingly, many of our customers have said in the past that they worry about setting their alarm while they're out of the house in case a false alarm occurs and they annoy their neighbours with a loud sounding alarm! SecureComm completely eliminates this worry and offers a win-win scenario.


In a world where connectivity and control define our security measures, SecureComm elevates the standard. It's not just an app; it's a conduit to real-time vigilance and responsiveness.

By putting the HKC SecureComm App at the heart of your security, you’re not just preventing false alarms; you're taking charge of your safety. The empowerment that comes with remote monitoring, instant alerts, and swift control ensures a seamless, secure experience.

At Midland Alarm Services, we're committed to guiding you through this revolutionary landscape, providing not just systems but solutions that prioritise your peace of mind.

To find out more about remote monitoring, having a new wireless alarm fitted or upgrading an old alarm system with us, please call 02476403527 or click here and we'll be in touch with you asap!

[The capabilities and benefits of SecureComm discussed in this article are part of Midland Alarm Services' commitment to empowering homeowners and are based on their product offerings and features.]

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